Changing SMB Share Level Permissions in an Active Directory Environment


When integrating a VPSA with Active Directory, it may be desirable to set share level permissions on the parent volume/share folder.  This article describes the process for accomplishing this change.


  • The VPSA should be joined to Active Directory using the methods described in the VPSA Users Guide.
  • These changes need to be performed with an Active Directory domain administrator account.  You can verify who you're currently logged in as by running the command "whoami" in a command prompt.
  • These changes were tested using Windows Server 2012 R2 working against a Window Server 2008 R2 Active Directory domain controller.

Folder Permissions

  • Open the UNC root path of your VPSA.  For example, Start->Run, then \\  The root of the UNC can be found in the volume's properties in the VPSA GUI.
  • Right click on the share, and click properties.
  • In order to edit the share permissions, the logged in admin needs to be added as having full control to this share for the next step.  Add the currently logged in admin as having full control.  For example, if the user "udi" is the logged in domain admin, please see below screenshots for proper settings:
  • folder_permission_01.png
  • folder_permission_02.png

Share Permissions

  • Open the Computer Management MMC snap-in: Start->Run, then "compmgmt.msc"
  • Right click on the root label, "Computer Management," then connect to the VPSA's IP as shown in the screenshot below:
  • share_permission_01.png
  • Go to Shared Folders->Shares as shown below:
  • share_permission_02.png
  • Right click on the share and click "Properties," then add the needed user and correct permissions as shown below:
  • share_permission_03.png
  • Apply your changes and your permissions should now be set.
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