Using ZCS to Manage File Permissions


Starting with version 15.07, we offer Zadara Container Services which will allow you directly access your files using a Docker container. If you do not know about ZCS, you can get started here:  In this tip, you can use ZCS to manage your file permissions by setting them directly within the controller. This will give you near zero-latency when doing bulk file operations.

Step 1.

Download from the Docker repository the zadara/ssh image

Step 2.

Create a ssh container using the zadara/ssh image

Add a container port 22 for ssh

Add the volume you want to change the permissions to.  I usually map the volume to /mnt/volume_name. Make sure you mount the volume with as r/w.

Set the Entry Point to /

Step 3.

Start the ssh container.

Select the row with the ssh container and check the Port Ranges in the Details section (bottom window pane). Port 22 will be mapped to 92xx. Where xx is a two digit number routed to container port 22.

Step 4.

ssh into the container from your private cloud using the ip address of YOUR VPSA. 

ssh -p 92xx root@

The default passwd for this is zadara change the passwd or stop the container after using it.

With root access, you can now change ownership and file permissions using:

  • chmod
  • chown
  • getfacl
  • setfacl


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