Creating Your First Docker Microservice using ZCS

Create ZCS Image Repository

1) Click on System/Settings and then the Container Service Tab

2) Create an Image repository. You will need 100GB of free space within a pool to do this.


Create ZCS Image

1) Click on Container Services/Images

2) Create an Image

3) Pull an image from the Docker Registry.  Try hello-word or zadara/ssh to get started.

4) Use the search box to find a public image. Note that all images are not configured to run on ZCS. Please use the zadara namespace to see if your app is already configured.


Create the Container

1) Click on Container Service/Containers

2) Create a container

3) Select an image in your image repository

4) Create it


Start the Microservice

1) Click on the row with the container to start

2) Press the start button

3) Click on the logs

4) Download the log file.



Below are where we have our official repositories and source for containers which we have tested.  You can download these directly.
Namespace: zadara
You may also like to browse my repo for works in progress. (As soon as I can verify the app on ZCS, I will move them to the official repo.)



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