Mount VPSA Volumes using NFSv3

Mounting NFSv3 provides authentication at the host level instead of authentication at the VPSA level. The benefit to this is that you don't have to create groups and users on your VPSA. But you will have make sure the UID and GID for your users are consistent across multiple hosts.


sudo yum install nfs* -y

sudo service rpcbind start
sudo chkconfig rpcbind on
sudo service nfs start
sudo chkconfig nfs on

Mount the VPSA Volume

Make sure you attach the server record block to the volume. This will cause the VPSA to export this volume to your host's IP or subnet. Below is an example how to mount the volume using the nfsvers=3 option. You can obtain the export path directly from the VPSA volume properties.

sudo mkdir /mnt/nas1

mount -t nfs -o nfsvers=3  /mnt/nas1


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