How to Mount VPSA Volumes as a Docker Data Volumes

It's very simple to mount and access your VPSA shares from Docker containers. Basically once you have your volume exported to your Linux host running docker, all you need to do is specify the host source folder and the Docker destination mount point.

For example, I have and EC2 Ubuntu instance running Docker with VPSA volume exported as a NFS share and I will run a busybox container to access the data.

# mount on /mnt/nas1 type nfs (rw,vers=4,addr=,clientaddr=

#  docker run -it -v /mnt/nas1:/opt/nas1 busybox

Read Only

Mounting the data read-only will allow you to access your VPSA data while maintaining the integrity of it. Just add ":ro" to the volume specifier.

#  docker run -it -v /mnt/nas1:/opt/nas1:ro busybox


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