performance benchmark in linux with iozone

1. Get & install iozone

For Red Hat Linux:


rpm -ivh iozone-3-338.i386.rpm

For Ubuntu Linux:

apt-get update

apt-get install iozone3


2. Run iozone (execute from mounted directory):

Sequential Write, 64K requests, 32 threads:

/opt/iozone/bin/iozone -I -t 32 -M -O -r 64k -s 500m -+u -w -i 0

Sequential Read, 64K requests, 32 threads:

/opt/iozone/bin/iozone -I -t 32 -M -O -r 64k -s 500m -+u -w -i 1

Random Read/Write, 4K requests, 32 threads:

/opt/iozone/bin/iozone -I -t 32 -M -O -r 4k -s 500m -+u -w -i 2

If interrupted, the iozone may lose some temporary files and will need to be restarted with Write sequential with (-i 0)
Please note that if you want to benchmark using Docker from your host and also as a Zadara Container running on the VPSA controller, we have the Dockerfile in GitHub here:
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