How To setup SSH tunneling to work on VPSA GUI from your laptop

VPSA GUI is accessible only from inside the cloud.

In order to use a browser from outside the cloud it is possible to create a ssh tunneling.

1 - for Mac or Linux users

first ssh to your linux instance in the cloud and add the -L 80: ip address of the vpsa

ssh -L 80: ubuntu@

open your browser on http://localhost/

2- for Windows users

using putty:

Go to Connection/SSH/Tunnels add the port 80 and the IP Address of your VPSA.

Click Add

2a) - If cloud instance is in AWS

  • Convert your PEM file to a Private PuTTY key (PPK). Use puTTYgen to generate the PPK.
  • Expand the Connection Category and enter the Auto-login name of your AMI
  • Expand the SSH/Auth Category underneath the Connection and specify the PPK file for authentication.

Connect to your cloud instance using putty

and then open your browser locally and go to http://localhost/




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