VMware ESXi Initiator iSCSI settings

Applicable to ESXi versions : All 

When using VMware ESXi systems with Zadara VPSAs, we recommend that the iSCSI defaults listed are all increased.

  • LoginRetryMax
  • NoopTimeout
  • RecoveryTimeout

Also note that after modification you must reboot the ESXi Host to enforce these settings.


Suggested values are ...

LoginRetryMax       - 8          (min: 0 - max: 64) 

NoopTimeout         - 120 seconds (ie: 2 minutes)                                *

RecoveryTimeout   - 120 seconds (ie: 2 minutes)


* Note: For versions prior to VMware ESXi 6.5.0, 5969303 
            - from this version the range for NoopTimeout changes to a 10 - 30 second range 
              use the maximum value of 30.



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    Vinicius Stein

    I believe VMWare has decreased the maximum value of the NoopTimeOut field.

    Please re-evaluate this procedure.

    ESXi Version:

    Vinicius Camatta Stein.

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    Many thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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